Monday, May 23, 2011

New Blog

I just made a new business blog. Go check it out and follow it. its From scrap 2 treasured. it will keep you posted on up coming events and sales as well as contests that I will be having!

Monday, April 4, 2011

So excited for what's to come!

So since I last posted... I have decided to start my own business. I am sharing the great products of Heritage Makers! This is the neatest thing I have ever found. At first I was a little skeptical about it, but once I got into it I wasnt able to stop. I had seriously finished 4 projects in maybe a weeks time. I am also working on project 5 and 6 for my little cousins birthday presents. Its addicting!!! I didnt feel like I was a creative person, but this allows me to be creative. Every day I think of a new project that I can do.

I am doing my Grand Opening, this weekend Saturday April 9th, 2011 @ 12. I am sooo excited to share with everyone, everyting that I have learned!

On the business side, its a little overwelming trying to make sure everything is put together correctly as well as making sure you have everything needed to run a business. Trying to figure ways to advertise has been hard as well. With having my sister and her up line all in the same town makes it a little harder. We are hoping to try and get into a southern county where I dont think there are many consultants. I am going to try and make a blog for my business as well but it is hard trying to keep up on everything! I am hoping that I can find that one bit of difference from the other consultants that will allow me to go full swing with this and become self employeed!

Oh my name of the business I came up with is... From Scrap 2 Treasured. Its allows anyone to create their own, scrapbook pages, announcements, personalized cards, canvases, invitations, games, ect. The quality is great and they have really good deals!! You can either have a free account and buy points as you publish or you can join the club for free and pay a low monthly fee and that gives you extra points than what you are paying for!

I love the product and so I am hoping this will allow me to explain it to others.

So as of right now, life seems great! Things with me n the hubby are good! I am excited for spring to come. I am ready to be out and about!

Well thats all for now.
Until next time
Fa! Adios! Bye!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Time!!

Ok..So I know when I started this blog I said I was gonna keep up every week...and as we can tell...that isnt happening...haha..oh well! Things seem to be starting to line up and lay into place. Its kinda nice! I am soo excited for Spring. Today's little snow spell does not count, but all the warm day's of 50 degree's and higher. I love to get outside and just sit in the sun!

My doctor put me on Vitamin D and it has worked miracles! I dont feel tired anymore and I have energy to do the things that I need to do.

Well I bought stuff to make my own scrub tops! And really cute fabric! But I didnt sew them. My mom did. And thank God because they would have came out ridiculous if I would have done them.(I will try to post pics).

Well not to much more going on.
Til next time.
Fa! Adios! Bye!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trying for a change!

Life always seems to throw some kind of curve ball at me. Went to the Dr.'s last week, back on some meds, that I am hoping will help me to feel better. I am tired of being tired! My job feels like a joke. We are not getting any other clients which means no more hours. Decided to put school on the back burner. I want to get our life put together and than start workin on a family.

My husband has bought "me" a bow to shoot with him so that we can "bond". haha notice it is something that he enjoys doing! So I am getting domesticated in my days. I am actually longing for a sewing machine, believe it or not! I want to start being able to make my own scrubs!! I think it would be fun...who know's maybe people will like them and want me to make some for them to. ONLY problem is I CANT SEW A STRAIGHT LINE. HAHA!

Right now trying to servive feels like the goal for now. I am trying one day at a time to make things a little smoother and better for us!

Well not much to say today.
Until next time.
FA! Adios! bye

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sometimes are tuff.

I have been on here 2 times and decided not to post. Not sure why. Just figuring nothing exciting going on to talk about. Times feel tuff right now. I hate to say it but money is the base for my constant stress...which I am sure there are many that are the same way. There's never enough. Jesse is working as much as he can, and I am working what I can. I am trying to stay busy and positive because sometimes things are just not in the best position, but it always ends up working out.

Been feeling a little depressed this last week over the whole "baby" thing. Thought about looking into making an appointment at the fertility clinic at the U, but decided that we aren't really ready, financially or even emotionally. So we will wait a few more months and see where we are and than think about it again. I say we, but I mean me. I am the one who thinks about it, and decide on my own whether to call the Dr or not.  Its kinda sad, because we never really talk about it between Jesse and I. Its a topic that we just kind of avoid. Wow, like when I think about it...what married couple does not talk about children?? I think it is our way of maybe avoiding the disappointment and hurt that comes along with not being able to produce a child. I think part of me honestly feels that there will never be children. We are not fortunate enough to be able to have children on our own, so this forces us to have to come up with the finances to have children through fertility treatments, which is soooo expensive.

I am struggling trying to decide if I am going to go back to school in the Fall. I was hoping to be working full time and than I would just take a year off, but I am not working full time, so not sure what to do on that. I sadly know that when I work and go to school, my school work suffers.

I am sure thankful for the other positive things in my life, such as a great husband who loves me, provides for me, and is my best friend. I am also thankful for the jobs that we do have. So I try not to forget these things in the process of my emotional struggling.

And there's always one day that is cloudy, cold, and even a little bitter...but, shortly after is a bright, warm, sunny day that will make you forget about the storm. So I will just sit back and ride out the storm and wait for my sunshine.

Until next time. Fa! Adios! Goodbye!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow does time fly...

So I was originally gonna try to update my blog once a week but I havent, so we will catch it up now..haha..
Well I started the new job, love the company. I am hoping to grow with it. Its a bit of a mind change to go from "CNA" to doing "Caregiving". I do enjoy visiting with my clients. They bring a smile to my face everyday. I swore I would never work with elderly people again after taking care of my grandma for so long, but now I think this is where I want to focus.
Jesse's 30th birthday is Thursday, January 27th. He said he is feeling "old" haha I am hoping there is no mid-life crisis. He originally wanted this chicken chow mien that I invented one time, but I figured we could eat that any night. I wanted to make a better dinner for him, since we are low on funds and I dont have any money to get him a present. So we will be making a big batch of ceviche and also for the non-fish eaters we will be making sopes with homemade salsa. I am so excited. It sounds sooo good. I will hopefully post pics. And for his cake I am going to make him a cookies n' cream cake. YUMMY!!!
I am trying to decide if I want to go back to school or not. I am hoping that the company I am working for will provide opportunities for growth so that I can focus on that instead of studyin for another career. I wish I would have started college right out of high school. I hate that school was not important to me. Oh well, cant go back and change it, so I will deal with the now and here.
Oh so I started trying this whole coupon thing. I actually went online and was able to just print the coupons on my printer. LOVED IT! I wish I could be a successful coupon person that goes in and buys hundreds of dollars of food for nothing...haha yeeah we will see.
I know that normally there is a theme to people's blog, but I just havent found mine yet. Give me so time and I will be a little better at this.
Until next time. Fa!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Day of blog (Just a little back ground)

So I am going to try this whole blogging thing. I figured that this would be the best way for me and even Jesse to keep track of this years events as we go through them and it allows us to share them with others close to us.
This is our first year of living on our own since we first got married and we are LOVING IT. We are renting a cute little house that we are excited about. We're hoping that this year we will be able to get finances situated so that we will be able to start trying to have babies. Some may know and some may not, but for the last 6 years we have been struggling with fertility issues and finally this year after many tests, and even a few invasive proceedures and 1 surgery we have found out that will not be able to produce a child on our own. I have PCOS (Polycycstic ovarian sydrom) and he has a enzyme disorder which combined cause's infertility. But with the help of fertility doctros and fertility procedures we will eventually be able to have babies. (Fingers crossed) Unfortunetly its NOT cheap, so that is were the main stress comes in.
I will start my new job on Thursday 01/13/2011. I am a CNA working as a caregiver for elderly. I am hoping that this is THE job. This is my 3rd employment in the last 6 months. Not looking to good for my resume. haha. I really like this company so hopefully I will stay for a while and be able to grow with the company.
Jesse is still with JcPenney's and has been there for 4 years now. He is a yard driver and loves his job. He has even taken on a part time job for the winter plowing snow. He's recently gotten into archery. Him and my dad went ELK hunting this year. They didnt get one. (Thank goodness). Now he is doing an archery compitition with my dad. I am glad that him and my family get along as well as they do.
Well I think this is a good start to my blog. So til next time. Fa!